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Broken Tooth Treatments

Tooth enamel is stronger than bones and made to last you a lifetime, but sometimes accidents happen. Extreme trauma from falls, playing sports, or even biting down on something hard like a popcorn kernel can crack, chip, or fracture teeth. This nightmare scenario guarantees a trip to your Calgary dental clinic, but fortunately today’s dentists
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Having The Smile You Always Wanted

For many the need to visit the dentist conjures up thoughts of discomfort, considerable time in the chair and a hefty bill at the end.  And though certain dental procedures can seem overwhelming and fearful – there are ways to minimize the fear associated with a visit – enabling even the most dental averse patient
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Dealing with Dental Jitters

Fear – it can strike when you least expect it or remain a low consistent dread.  From spiders to heights, examinations to stage fright – everyone has their thing and for some it’s the thought of visiting the dentist. Dental Fears and Phobias Dental jitters are common – rendering the most burly and brave of
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