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At Metro Dental Care, we understand the value and importance of not only healthy smiles, but beautiful smiles as well. A bright smile is not only a confidence-booster, it’s also a sign of youth and well-being. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are not customized to your unique teeth and may not produce the results you desire- and that’s where we come in! Both professional in-office tooth whitening (Sapphire Whitening) and take-home tooth whitening with custom bleaching trays are offered at Metro Dental Care.  As a part of our commitment to creating radiant smiles, we offer free bleaching consultations to determine which option best suits your budget and needs.

FREE Teeth Whitening For Life

We understand that if you whiten your teeth, you will likely want to keep them that way. That’s why we offer our FREE Teeth Whitening For Life program. After your initial whitening, each time you come in for your regular hygiene appointments we will give you a free tube of touch up gel to keep your teeth gleaming white for years to come. All you have to do is keep your regular hygiene appointments! This offer is only valid with our take-home teeth whitening.

In-Office Sapphire Whitening for Immediate Results, from the manufacturer:

“The Sapphire Light is a breakthrough, versatile Plasma Arc Light (PAC) that can be used for both fast-curing and chairside bleaching without post-treatment sensitivity. The Sapphire Plasma Arc Light with the Denmat Lightning System is clinically proven to whiten teeth 7-12 shades. Breakthrough technology, available only with the Sapphire Light, provides unparalleled performance. Light-cured composites cure in three seconds and dual-arch bleaching is completed in 30-60 minutes. The Sapphire Light is the cornerstone of the Denmat 1-Hour Smile Whitening Program. It can  be used to individually whiten teeth for a uniform shade, and in conjunction with the Whitening Crystal, it can perform dual-arch bleaching. Fast, convenient, comfortable, economical… unparalleled!”

Sapphire In-Office Whitening. Whiter, brighter smiles in an hour!

Sapphire In-Office Whitening. Whiter, brighter smiles in an hour!

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