keep smile bright this holiday

No matter how you observe the holiday season, don’t forget to look after your oral health. This is a special time for your family so we want you to steer clear of any dental issues.

Keep your teeth bright and healthy throughout the season. Here are some tips to do just that.

1. Be mindful of sweet treats

Sweets are in abundance during the holidays. Wherever you go you’ll be enticed by these treats. Be careful munching on hard candies as they can cause tooth damage. If you can resist the sweets, that’s great. But if it’s part of your tradition, be sure to drink water and brush your teeth afterward.

2. Limit dark-coloured beverages

Pop, juice, and wine are staples at holiday parties. But you’ll want to avoid or limit your intake of these colourful beverages as they can expose your teeth to acid attacks and leave stains behind. Water is your best choice as it contains no harmful chemicals.

3. Reach for more veggies

Nutrients found in vegetables may help boost the body’s immunity and ability to fight bacteria. This holiday, trade some of your usual sweets for a serving of assorted veggies. Hard and crunchy vegetables, such as celery and carrots, are also rich in fibre. They take longer to chew them and stimulate salivary flow. Saliva helps get rid of food particles in the mouth and also helps keep your breath fresh.

4. Don’t forget your dairy

If you’re not allergic to dairy, incorporate yogurt, milk, and cheese into your holiday feast. Dairy products are good for your teeth because they’re high in calcium, which helps strengthen the enamel. Casein, a protein in milk, neutralizes acids in the mouth and fights tooth decay.

5. Avoid constant snacking

Entertaining usually means food is in reach at all times. It’s so tempting to snack constantly. However, this exposes your teeth to acid attacks more than at mealtimes. When snacking, your mouth produces less saliva which means food residue will remain on your teeth longer. As an alternative, include a few sugary treats during meal times instead of grazing throughout the day.

6. Maintain your oral hygiene routine

Although the holidays tend to get busy, make time for oral hygiene. If you’re attending a function away from home, carry your toothbrush and floss wherever you go. If you scheduled a dentist appointment over the holidays, mark it on your calendar so you won’t forget. Or, ask your dental team to remind you the day before your visit. Perhaps your oral hygiene is pristine but your teeth still show a yellow tinge which you’re wanting to fix so you can show your smile off, teeth whitening London and other practices could put that right for you, depending on where you live.

7. Don’t use your teeth as a tool

Just because you’re used to doing it and haven’t sustained any injuries yet, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Reserve your teeth for eating and leave the opening of packets, packages, and bottles to the appropriate tools. One wrong move can leave your teeth chipped, cracked, or broken. Not only that, but you may also end up hurting your jaw.

We love having you in the dental office, but we’d rather you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. See you at your next appointment and please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.