Sedation dentistry is any kind of dentistry conducted while the patient is under anaesthetic. It can be very beneficial for children, seniors, those with cognitive disabilities, or those with anxiety.

Personal History

Has your personal history with the dentist been less than ideal? Perhaps you’ve had one too many uncomfortable, or perhaps even traumatic experiences in a dentist’s chair, where the hygienist doing your cleaning wasn’t aware of how much pain they were causing. For some, sedation dentistry is simply the opportunity to be unaware of the cleaning process at the dentist. It’s quite common to have apprehensions about sitting in the dentist’s chair. We’d rather you came and tried sedated dentistry rather than not come to the dentist at all!

Young and Old

For children experiencing a particularly invasive dental procedure at a young age (like a root canal or extraction), sedation dentistry can be hugely beneficial. As a parent, you’re aware of the fact that painful experiences at the dentist as children may stay in your child’s memory, and it can be difficult to ask them to return. For the elderly, the opposite is also true. Older folks who know the kind of anxiety or tensing up that can be part of one’s visit to the dentist may choose to have their experience sedated, simply to avoid discomfort.

Learning Disabilities

If you don’t have someone in your life who’s affected by it, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that those around us with behavioural or psychological challenges experience the world very differently. Parents of autistic children often dread a trip to the dentist more for their child’s sake than their own. Sedation dentistry can be a great alternative to a normal dentist visit. A normal dentist visit can require a lot of unpleasant sensations and experiences. With sedation dentistry that’s taken away, which can be hugely beneficial for someone on the autism spectrum.

If you’re thinking about sedation dentistry, the best thing you can do is to come in for a consultation and hear more. There are different types of sedation, and our anaesthesiologists care about finding the kind which works well with you or your loved one’s age and health. Book a consultation today by calling 403-262-2627.