We now live in a time where braces are not just for teenagers grappling with acne, aesthetic, and identity. When you are a professional, you already know what you want. If that’s a better smile, Invisalign is your best option.

The Movement of Your Teeth depends on how strong and effective the aligner is in positioning it. Therefore, you need a strong material. Our retainers use incredibly strong polyurethane resin to move your teeth into the correct position. Polyurethane resin is a non-porous plastic that shapes your teeth without exposing your body to any unsafe residue. The duration of time it will take to move your teeth into a correct position entirely depends on how often you wear the retainer and how out of position your teeth are, to begin with. Many people may be more likely to wear their retainer more often if they contact Clear Retain for a transparent retainer that can feel a lot more mentally comfortable to wear.

SmartTrack was designed to improve on the tracking of tooth morphology. Tooth morphology is the rate at which your teeth move to their corrected position. The innovative thing about SmartTrack is how closely it fits over your teeth. Think of retainer material as being like a ski glove that fits over your hand – it may fit fine but there is some loose space for your fingers to move. SmartTrack improves upon the technology by creating a material that has better elasticity to your teeth shape. This material fits more like a tight latex glove as opposed to a loose ski glove. This will shorten the overall duration you have to wear a retainer for by moving your teeth more precisely.

Find Your Best Smile and you may find it expresses the truest you. Until you try Invisalign, you may be unsure of how it will affect your smile. By setting up your own consultation with Metro Dental, you’ll see a shift in your confidence as well as a shift in your dental hygiene. When the options for orthodontics have this little impact on your normal self during treatment, there’s every reason to find out what’s in store for you and get a better smile!

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