Earlier this month, we talked about some of the worst (but delicious) summer foods for your teeth. However, we’re never ones to focus on the negative, so here are some great (and delicious) summer foods that will help you to keep your teeth in excellent shape for years to come!


Okay, maybe water isn’t delicious persay, but it is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. Many people prefer water at some sort of thermal extreme (freshly boiled or straight out of the fridge) rather than room temperature, so experiment to learn your temperature preference.


Many Canadians love cheese, and we’re with them! Cheese is wonderfully creamy, has a rich flavour, and is good for your teeth! While all dairy products provide essential calcium for strong bones and teeth, cheese also raises the pH of your mouth. When your mouth’s acidity falls below 5.5, you are at risk for enamel wear and cavities. Eating cheese helps to make your mouth more basic, which makes falling beneath the 5.5 cut off more difficult for regular cheese eaters.

Raw Veggies & Fruits.

These food choices aren’t just full of healthy vitamins and nutrients that are great for your teeth, gums, and body in general – they also help to stimulate gums and provide useful fiber. Raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables require a lot of chewing in order to break them down in swallowable pieces. All this extra chewing increases blood flow to your gums and helps to keep them healthy. The fiber in these foods scrapes away plaque and acts as a natural tooth brush!

If our last blog had you disappointed about all the delicious summer foods that were on the bad-for-teeth list, we hope this one cheered you up! Fresh watermelon, strawberries, carrots, cheddar, and brie are all great for dental hygiene, and we know that’s news that makes us very, very happy. If you want to learn more about what foods are great for your teeth and how you can help keep your oral hygiene tip-top, contact the Calgary dentists at Metro Dental today!