Pregnancy and your Oral Health

In Canada, more babies are born during the months of July and August than any other month. And if you’re one of the parents-to-be scheduled for this summer (or anytime this 2017), you’re probably already getting tired of all the appointments. Unfortunately, we have one more to add to your list.

Pregnancy Gingivitis.

Over the years, we’ve talked about gingivitis and gum disease quite a bit. But what you may not know is that the extra hormones from your pregnancy actually make you more sensitive to any food particles or bacteria left on your smile. Inflammation is usually worse, and the symptoms of gum disease can come on faster. To make matters worse, all this extra inflammation can negatively affect your growing baby.

Teeth and Morning Sickness.

Unless you’re one of those lucky few Canadians who went through their entire pregnancy without feeling ill, you’ve probably been vomiting more often than you care to admit. But, we have some bad news: morning sickness doesn’t just make you feel miserable. All the extra bile and acid from your vomit is going to be very hard on your teeth. We know you’re exhausted and feeling sick, but try to remember to brush your teeth after any bouts of sickness. And if brushing really is too much work, at least rinse your mouth with water.

Your Appointments.

Here’s some good news at last! Your dental examination and cleaning are totally safe for your developing baby, so you can let the professionals keep your smile extra clean and safe from gum disease. And, while we don’t encourage you to book x-rays during your pregnancy, new technology and knowledge, has made x-rays more safe than ever for your baby. We can protect baby from any radiation exposure by covering your abdomen and thyroid with heavy, lead aprons or other insulative, safety gear. That way you can have any necessary x-rays when you need them.

Most Canadian parents-to-be we’ve met care deeply about making sure they’re in the best health possible while they’re carrying their baby. Making sure you have excellent dental care is just part of the job. If you’re ready to schedule your dental appointment, give us a call! And don’t forget to let your dentist know that you’re pregnant and which prenatal medicines and supplements you’re taking.

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