You’ve probably heard that your child’s first dental appointment should be six months after their first tooth emerges or at 12 months of age, whichever happens first. Many Calgary parents we’ve spoken to wonder why their child needs to come in so soon. They aren’t sure how their child benefits from having their first dental appointment so young.

Getting on the Right Track.

One of the most important parts of bringing your toddler in for their first appointment is having them get used to the dental clinic and to meet our staff. In fact, we often recommend that parents bring their toddler by once or twice before their appointment, so they can get used to the smells and feel comfortable around our staff. Many Canadians suffer from a dental phobia, and preventing that in your child starts right now! If you wait until your toddler already has a sore tooth or a cavity, their first appointment won’t be as positive and low stakes.

Baby Teeth Health.

When most people think about baby teeth, they think of preschoolers and elementary students with gaps in their smile from losing their teeth, but some baby teeth will be with your child until their preteens and even into their early teens. This means it’s important to take good care of baby teeth. Not only do these teeth hold a spot for adult teeth — helping to prevent crowding and crooked adult smiles, but they’re also important for speaking and eating properly until your child has their full set of adult teeth. This is why it’s necessary to make sure your toddler is brushing well (with your help!) and flossing. It’s also why these temporary teeth still need fillings if your child gets any cavities.

How’s Their Oral Hygiene?

Most adults are pros at brushing their own teeth, but brushing someone else’s teeth is an untrained skill for most new parents. Just like feeding and diapering and running on 2 hours of sleep all take practice, learning how to brush your baby’s teeth (or tooth!) will take a bit of time. By visiting your dentist within 6 months of the first tooth erupting, you’ll learn whether you’re already an oral hygiene expert or if you’ve been missing spots. They can also give you advice on flossing and brushing as more of your child’s teeth come in.

Here at Metro Dental, we firmly believe that prevention is best! Being proactive and preventing problems before they occur means more affordable care and a healthier mouth. Your baby has their entire life ahead of them, and they’re going to need each one of their tiny teeth for quite a long time. Ensure their mouth is in good health, call us today!