Fixing Your Front Teeth Diastema

Many Canadians are making goals for how they want to live their life and who they want to be in 2017. While some of these goals are activity based — reading 50 books is a common one. Some goals are for improving appearance, for example losing weight or saving up for laser eye surgery or orthodontics. Another common goal for Canadians hoping to improve their smile is getting rid of their front teeth diastema — or tooth gap.

Diastema 101.

Diastema is the word dentists use to talk about a gap between two teeth. While technically a gap can occur between any two teeth, a diastema is most commonly between the front teeth. Unfortunately, this happens to be where any gaps are most obvious, and many Calgary patients with a front tooth diastema would prefer to close the gap permanently.

Your Options.

If you are dissatisfied with your smile and would like to close the gap between your front teeth, there are a couple options for you and your dentist to discuss. Which treatment is best for you is going to depend on your budget, priorities, and teeth. For example, if your diastema is caused by missing teeth, then a crown may be the obvious decision. On the other hand, if you have all your teeth, but they’re very crowded and crooked, perhaps orthodontics is your best choice. For a more straightforward case, veneers and composite are the easiest options for treating just a simple gap.

Why Choose Composite?

In general, the dentists at Metro Dental feel that composite is the best solution for patients with an uncomplicated case who simply want their diastema treated. Not only is the treatment painless and economical, it can also be completed in a single clinic visit. Composite is a cement putty that your dentist hardens into a ceramic that is identical in appearance to natural teeth. Your dentist will choose the perfect colour of composite for you and then slowly build onto your current teeth in order to make them slightly larger. The larger front teeth will close the gap, and your smile will look flawless.

If you don’t appreciate having a tooth gap in your smile, there are numerous treatments that can help give you the smile that you want. The expert dentists at Metro Dental are happy to sit down and discuss which options are available to you and the pros and cons of each. Contact Metro Dental today to learn more!

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