Do you Need a Night Guard?

Do you know what many Canadians have in common? Bruxism, or as it’s commonly known — teeth grinding. While few people talk about clenched jaws and the problems bruxism can cause, somewhere between just-under 10% and just-over 30% of Canadians grind their teeth. (Compare that to the less than 1% who have a gluten intolerance,
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Metro Dental Holiday Hours 2016

We will be closed on December 24, 26, and 31. We are open on December 27, 28, and 29. Metro Dental Team thank all our patients for your support and wish everyone Happy Holidays! 

Dental Insurance 101

A lot of Albertans struggle to understand their dental insurance and for good reason. It doesn’t really act like insurance the same way home or life insurance does. Instead, it’s better to think of dental insurance like a pre-paid plan. Similar to a pre-paid cell phone, there will be certain rates for certain procedures, and
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