How did fluoride become such a hot topic – evoking emotions that speak of ‘lions and tiger and bears’ and those that acknowledge that childhood decay is on the rise – and the common denominator is a lack of exposure to fluoride.  Regardless of which camp you pitch your tent – children’s’ teeth need protecting and that means chewing on some facts regarding the benefits of fluoride treatments.

Can Fluoride Prevent Cavities?

Fluoride has many benefits to offer teeth that are at risk for tooth decay.  One of the many benefits fluoride offers a mouth that is vulnerable to the interaction of oral bacteria and sugars is that it strengthens dental enamel that has been weakened by acids.  You might be thinking – ‘what acids’ – and this is the kicker because you don’t have to actively create an acidic environment in your mouth – it’s naturally created by combing bacteria (which is always present) with sugars that are left behind in food particles.  The result is the release of acid that attacks tooth enamel – literally eating away at it and causing soft spots that if left undetected soon become cavities.  Fluoride has the ability to stop the demineralizing of enamel that is a result of acid erosion – and can save teeth and smiles.

How Much Fluoride Do You Need?

Maybe that’s the problem – it’s not about whether Fluoride is beneficial it’s about how much is too much and how much is needed to protect young smiles.  The truth is that Fluoride does its best work with small regular doses that can be utilized by teeth and used to strengthen and rebuild vulnerable tissue (enamel).  So what does it take to have controlled exposure of fluoride so that teeth get maximum benefit without risk of over exposure?  Fluoridated Toothpaste!

Fluoridated Toothpaste – Can it Prevent Tooth Decay?

If only toothpaste were the cure-all for tooth decay!  It definitely is a great defense in preventing cavities and is even more beneficial when topped-up with some fluoride treatment with your Calgary Dentist.  Using a toothpaste that contains Fluoride aids in keeping teeth healthy and free from decay – remember that less is more – just a grain-sized amount for toddlers and babies and only a pea-sized amount for the rest of us.  Controlled, regular exposure to Fluoride is what’s recommended for a healthy smile.

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