Not every person is blessed with straight teeth in perfect arch alignment.  Some of us have pretty good smiles that may have a couple of crooked teeth and maybe the odd chip or dark filling – but for the most part we’re happy with our teeth.  Then there are those patients who just hate their smile – and the only way they’ll feel good about flashing their pearly whites is if they get some brand new teeth.  Can patients get a brand new smile and what’s involved?

Cosmetic Dentistry Fixes Crooked Teeth

Family Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills want patients to know that it isn’t just orthodontic treatment that can fix crooked and misaligned teeth.  Certain restorative dental treatment can also address the angle and position of teeth – creating a smile that looks perfect.  Cosmetic Dental procedures consist of regular dental treatment that is primarily focused on improving the esthetics of a smile – and may incorporate other treatment such as gum contouring and teeth whitening to emphasize esthetics.  Teeth that are crooked or badly stained from medication or old dentistry can be transformed with the placement of Veneers and Crowns – and a smile that is missing teeth can look brand new again with the use of Dental Implants and or Bridges.

Changing the Color and Shape of a Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is the combination of artistry and dentistry, as the manner in which a dentist creates a treatment plan addresses esthetic flaws and improves the health of teeth in the process.  Patients who have a mouthful of old metal fillings can see an immediate improvement when this material is removed and replaced with either white acrylic fillings or the teeth are completely restored with new crowns.  Crowning teeth that have been heavily restored over the years with fillings benefit greatly from having the additional strength of a full coverage crown.  The crown not only gives a fresh clean look but reinforces the walls of the tooth – making it less susceptible to fracturing or chipping. When placing crowns, veneers and bridges the dentist is able to have the porcelain stained to a much brighter shade that a person’s natural teeth and can also make adjustments to the shape and size of teeth – making teeth larger to increase the width of a smile and add more lip support.

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