Caring For Your Child’s Dental Health

Helping your child have the best smile involves several factors – good nutrition, effective homecare, regular exams and maintenance cleanings at your dental office and mouth protection during times of physical activities that are high risk for oral trauma.  Being proactive in your child’s dental health not only helps keep dental emergencies to a minimum but also helps pave the path for a lifetime of good oral health.

Good Dental Health Starts in The Home

Though regular dental visits are important to maintain optimum oral health – nothing has more impact on a person’s oral health than good homecare.  Your child may visit the dentist twice a year for a check-up exam and cleaning, so what happens between visits is crucial to making sure teeth and oral tissues have the best chance of staying healthy.  Our previous blogs have touched on the connection between a high sugar diet and dental decay – as good nutrition comprising of a diet low in simple carbohydrates and sugary drinks can greatly reduce the risk of oral cavities and other dental health issues.  But even with a healthy, balanced diet there is still the need to care for your child’s teeth with daily brushing and flossing.  Electric toothbrush manufacturers have long realized the expansive benefits of effective brushing – coming out with brushes that keep going for the desired length of time and even playing tunes or offering apps that make brushing fun and help young children develop good oral habits.  Flossing can be a challenge for the ‘big kids’ amongst us – as it does involve a certain degree of dexterity to negotiate around teeth – making it hard for little ones to do a good job without the help of Mom or Dad.

Preventative Dental Care in Calgary

Family Dentists at Metro Dental in NW Calgaryexplain that in addition to good food choices and diligent homecare – routine dental cleanings along with certain preventative procedures can help keep your child cavity free.  Dental Sealants can be a great option for preventing dental decay in teeth that have deep grooves – the perfect place for food to get lodged and decay to form.  Levelling-off the grooves that are often seen on molar teeth prevents a build-up of food debris and plaque from forming – reducing the risk of dental decay and the premature loss of teeth.

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