Trying to decide if Orthodontic Treatment is the right choice for you?  You may have a few crooked teeth but they really don’t concern you that much?  Orthodontic Treatment seems like a big step just to have a straighter smile? Patients contemplating straightening their teeth have many questions regarding the necessity of treatment – all of which are valid.  But Orthodontic Treatment isn’t just about straight teeth – it’s about creating a healthier dental system.

Orthodontic Treatment Improves Oral Health

General Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills provide orthodontic services in their Family Dental Practice.  Acknowledging that orthodontic treatment might not be what every patient wants, or needs, these dentists also explain that treatment can address dental concerns that go far beyond crooked teeth.  Not everyone is naturally blessed with a perfect smile and facial symmetry – for some of us the combination of Mom’s narrow upper arch and Dad’s prominent lower jaw can result in a bite that is far from ideal.  Genetics, environment and habits play a role in creating a patients occlusion and for some the results aren’t just cosmetic flaws, but issues with jaw development that can lead to breathing challenges, speech and chewing concerns and jaw joint discomfort.

How Does Misaligned Teeth Impact Jaw Joints?

The human body is an incredible machine, capable of feats of extreme strength and agility and with an ability to adapt to surroundings and demands.  The body’s ability to adapt to non-ideal conditions is what enables us to survive with less than perfect bodies.  The mouth and dental system are a great example of the body’s adaptation to physical challenges – as patients who live with imperfect bites adapt to the misalignment of teeth, discrepancy in jaw size and growth and the involvement of muscles and ligaments to help compensate for their malocclusion.  What all this adaptation does do is put pressure on the jaw joints to perform.  Just as a person adapts to having one leg shorter than the other – but in time the result is often a bad ankle, knee or hip joint.  Jaw joints frequently take the brunt of a bad bite – and though the impact isn’t always instant – over time clicking, popping, pain when chewing and difficulty opening reveal the joints lack of health.

Orthodontic Treatment doesn’t just create beautiful smiles – it also helps correct and create a healthier dental system – which can help to keep teeth, joints, muscles and soft tissue for life.

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