All of us have some evidence of wear-and-tear to the body – for some it’s creaky knees or arthritic hips – for others it’s tight neck muscles or sore feet – if you’re living life you just can’t escape inflicting wear on the body.  And for some of us wear is evident in the mouth – revealed by short, flattened teeth that may have become super sensitive due to worn enamel.

Can Worn Teeth Be Restored?

Harvest Hills Dentists at Metro Dental in NW Calgary want patients to understand that most teeth can be restored to proper anatomical form.  Teeth that are beyond restoration may have fractured at the gum line, have extensive decay that requires an extraction or be mobile due to periodontal disease.  But if the life-centre of a tooth (the nerve) is healthy and there is no infection or sign of fractures a tooth can be treated – even worn down teeth.  One of the biggest complaints patients express with worn teeth is increased tooth sensitivity.  When teeth wear due to grinding and clenching, tooth enamel is eroded and becomes thin and less protective.  In extreme cases the enamel of a tooth is worn through and the softer underlying tissue, called dentin, is exposed.  This softer tissue has thousands of microscopic openings called tubules which act as funnels – transferring stimuli from the mouth to the nerve of the tooth.  Restoring worn teeth not only improves the esthetics of a smile – but the new restoration seals these openings and areas of recession – helping to reduce tooth sensitivity.

How To Restore Flattened Teeth

Restoring flattened teeth doesn’t just address sensitivity, chewing difficulties and some jaw discomfort – it also can help with a condition referred to as Mid-Face Collapse.  When teeth become shortened our chins get closer to our nose – giving a sunken-in appearance to our faces.  This collapse through the middle of the face is due to the reduction of tooth length – something that is required to maintain youthfulness and facial balance.  By restoring worn-down teeth the face becomes balanced again – and a more youthful, vital appearance is noted.

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