Don’t Underestimate The Power of a Dental Exam and Cleaning

Dental Exams and Cleanings are two of the most performed procedures in any General Dental office.  Benefiting patients of all ages and all levels of oral health – a routine exam and cleaning can help detect disease and keep a mouth healthy.

Benefits Provided by a Dental Exam and Cleaning

Tempted to postpone or skip your routine exam and cleaning?  Family Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills explain that though these two procedures may seem optional and not a crucial part of a patient’s oral health – the benefits of maintaining regular exams and cleanings far out-weight any inconvenience.

Oral Cancer

Nobody wants to talk about cancer – but the reality is it happens at all too an alarming rate – and that includes the incidence of Oral Cancer.  Primarily detected by your dentist during a routine exam – Oral Cancer can go unnoticed by a patient as the location of this cancer is frequently in parts of the mouth that are hard to see.  Often detected under the tongue and on the inside of cheeks (as well as other areas) – regular exams enables your dental team to check and monitor any signs of tissue changes and alert you of any serious concerns.

Detecting Dental Decay

Dental Decay can be stopped in its tracks if diagnosed in the early stages.  When decay begins there may be a sticky spot on the tooth – indicating that acids have weakened the enamel.  In many cases the decay can be prevented from causing further damage if the sticky spot is treated.  Though a filling may still have to be placed – early intervention can keep costs and treatment to a minimum and prevent discomfort and dental pain.

Stopping Gum Disease

Gum and Periodontal Disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.  Children may lose teeth to decay – but in adults it’s the destruction of supporting bone and tissue that causes teeth to become mobile and at risk for premature loss.  Seeing your hygienist on a regular basis for cleanings not only keeps oral tissues healthy but reduces the amount of oral bacteria – something that can cause inflammation throughout the body.

Next time you want to cancel your routine cleaning and exam – give some thought to the benefits of seeing your dental team regularly.

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