Your orthodontic brackets and wires look great and are performing an important task of moving your teeth in to ideal alignment to create a healthy bite.  Taking care of your brackets and wires includes paying attention to what you eat – as some foods that were your favorite before braces may have to be avoided until brackets come off.

Foods that Damage Braces

General Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hillswant every patient’s orthodontic treatment to be a happy time – and that includes mealtimes.  Eating with orthodontic brackets and wires isn’t necessarily tricky, but care is needed in choosing food that won’t damage orthodontic gear.  Damaged appliances and brackets can slow treatment time and mean an additional visit to the dentist, so avoiding certain treats and food is recommended to maintain treatment goals and timing.


  • Foods High in Sugar.  You already know from previous blogs that we recommend everyone choses foods that are low in sugar, but this is particularly important for patients wearing orthodontic brackets as sticky, sugary foods are easily trapped around brackets and wires.  Sugary foods also increase the release of acids by oral bacteria. Acids cause tooth decay and gum inflammation – conditions that are already heightened during orthodontic wear.
  • Hard Foods.  Orthodontic Brackets and Wires are really well made, but there are some food groups that are just too hard for orthodontic gear.  Foods like nuts, seeds, hard candy, some vegetables and ice cubes should be avoided until braces are removed, as the risk of breaking off a bracket becomes too great when eating hard foods.  
  • Chewy Foods. If you have a love of beef jerky, crusty bread and taffy, you’re going to have to control your cravings while wearing braces.  Chewy food that requires an amount of force to break-off or chew is a nightmare for orthodontic brackets.  Imagine the force put on a bracket while you twist a piece of jerky!  Stay away from the chewy stuff.


Other foods like popcorn and corn on the cob can be tricky to eat with braces – and pose challenges when it comes to brushing and flossing.  Braces don’t have to be worn forever so try to avoid foods that can damage orthodontic brackets – that way your treatment will stay on track and your braces get to come off on time.

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