Can you believe that school is back in and hockey, ringette and other winter sports are ready to begin?  This time of year is full of excitement as young athletes focus on making the team and having their best season yet.  And as the rush to buy sporting equipment and uniforms enfolds, don’t forget to include an essential piece of protection in your child’s kit.

Sports Guard – Wear it To Protect Your Smile

Our previous blogs have noted the importance of including a custom sports guard in your, or your child’s, sports equipment – as this often overlooked piece of plastic can make the difference between knocked-out and broken teeth and keeping your smile looking good.  Worn religiously by professional athletes participating in a contact sport or activity that puts their mouth in harm’s way – the use of a sports guard has still not been fully embraced by weekend warriors or young sporting enthusiasts who may find the appliance uncomfortable.  We encourage everyone who participates in a sport to wear a sports guard to protect teeth, gums, and lips – and explain that the more a guard is worn the less foreign it will feel and the more comfortable it will become.

Are Sports Guards All The Same?

There are a few different options available when it comes to choosing a Sports Guard – stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-fitted guards, with each variety providing a certain level of comfort and protection.  A custom made sports guard is recommended for high contact sports or sports that involve a puck, ball or other piece of equipment that could potentially strike the mouth.  Customization enables a dental lab to design a guard to the unique specifications of a patient’s bite – taking in to consideration shape and size of teeth and how the top and bottom arches fit together.  This level of individual fit adds to the comfort of the guard and the ability for an athlete to communicate and breathe easily – which is accomplished by creating a guard that maximizes protection and minimizes bulkiness.

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