If you’ve ever wondered why your dental office’s new patient questionnaire asks so many general health questions – it’s because certain medical conditions and medications can pose health risks during dental treatment – so fully disclosing your health history is a crucial step to receiving responsible customized care.

Family Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills take the health of their patients seriously and stress the importance of sharing all medical details – even if they seem irrelevant.  Your oral health – and overall health – can be negatively impacted when medical information is withheld – opening up to your dentist about all medications you take (even supplements) and physical conditions that ail you is essential to building doctor patient trust.

Why Your Dentist Needs To Know About All Medications

Taking the time to fill-out a health questionnaire may feel like a drag – but the reality is that this document introduces your specific needs to the dental team.  Undervaluing the necessity to share vital information ties your dentist’s hands in being prepared to handle any situation and recognizing the relevance of certain medical symptoms that may exhibit in the mouth.  Your mouth isn’t very good at keeping secrets – as more often than not physical ailments present signs and symptoms in the mouth – alerting your dentist to potential system concerns.

The Impact Blood Thinners Can Have

A simple procedure like removing a tooth can become a stressful appointment if a patient has not told their dentist that they are taking blood thinners.  Blood thinning medication and oral extractions don’t mix – and a patient has to come off their meds in preparation for an extraction appointment and go back on medication once a required amount of time has passed.  And though taking herbal supplements may not always require a prescription – their potential interaction with dental anesthesia and sedation makes it crucial to inform your dental professional of their usage.  Your dentist will check if you are taking any form of medication prior to administering Dental Sedation drugs.

Being upfront about medications you’re taking can actually save your life. 

Metro Dental in Harvest Hills welcomes new patients to the practice – all procedures performed by a General Dentist.