Our last blog talked about Invisalign® with its clear retainers and advantage of being removable.  But what happens if Invisalign isn’t the right option for you – are you left not straightening your teeth?

NW Calgary General Dentists – Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam – empathize with patients who have talked to friends and co-workers about wearing Invisalign® only to discover that to correct their bite issues a different approach is needed – and that usually means wearing orthodontic braces.  Now before your decide that brackets and wires mean the end of the world – read on – as there are many advantages to trusting your orthodontist’s or dentist’s recommendations when it comes to what’s best for your teeth.

Many patients – teenagers all the way up to adults wear orthodontic brackets and wires – and manage really well both esthetically and functionally.  Just like other areas of orthodontics has witnessed advancements – so has the design, size and material of brackets and wires.  Metal mouth and train tracks are descriptions that once fitted the look of braces – but not today – as clear brackets and ultra-fine wires have enabled manufacturers of orthodontic systems to address esthetic demands, without compromising the functionality of the technology.

Wearing an orthodontic system that is equipped to create a healthy functional bite should always remain the focus when discussing treatment options with your dentist – this is not the time to be trendy and follow the crowd as ultimately you want to invest your time and resources in treatment that gets you the best results.  Today’s brackets and wires are designed to minimize the force exerted on teeth while maximizing tooth movement.  This translates to less inflammation of oral tissues (bone and gum) so teeth can move more easily and efficiently.

If you’ve been feeling a little down because of the thought of wearing orthodontic brackets and wires – don’t be sad – it really isn’t a bad solution when it comes to creating a beautiful smile and a healthy bite.  If you’ve always wanted straight teeth then consult with your dentist regarding treatment options as you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam are General Dentists in Calgary who provide orthodontic treatment.  Working closely with orthodontists – Dr. Chen and Dr. Lam won’t hesitate to refer for treatment if requested or necessary.