General Dentists at Metro Dental in NW Calgary provide Root Canal Treatment to patients and explain that this ‘dreaded’ procedure isn’t half as bad as its reputation portrays – and that having a root canal provides an opportunity to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Root Canals can be performed on all teeth – front and back – and are considered to be routine procedure.  A root canal is required when the inner tissue of a tooth – the nerve – degenerates as a result of some form of trauma, which includes clenching and grinding, decay, being heavily restored or having a history of repeat dentistry.  The trauma, decay or chip causes the nerve of the tooth to become inflamed which in turn creates discomfort and extreme sensitivity – and other symptoms that indicate the nerve of a tooth is dying are: a tooth has darkened and you have a bad taste in your mouth, suggesting that infection is present and your tooth may be very reactive to hot and cold temperatures.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam stress the importance of visiting your dentist when symptoms of discomfort and tooth sensitivity start – as a tooth that is left untreated can end up abscessing due to the infected nerve tissue.  In order to save a tooth and relieve associated discomfort the infected tissue has to be completely removed from the tooth (this is the root canal) to ensure that the surrounding jaw bone is not destroyed by the infection.

As much as people make jokes about having a root canal – the reality is that this dental procedure that is performed by General Dentists and Endodontists provides a chance to save a tooth when the only other alternative is extraction.  When the nerve dies in a tooth there is no longer any blood supply and nutrients being provided to the dentin and enamel and over time this can cause a tooth to become dry and brittle – making it prone to fracturing.  If you’ve also been wondering why your dentist has recommended crowning a tooth after root canal therapy – it is done to protect the tooth due to the increased risk of breakage.

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