Your child’s baby teeth don’t last forever – but they may still be the most important set of teeth they will ever have so taking good care of these little pearly whites is essential to your child’s dental health for years to come.

North West Calgary Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills want parents to know that taking care of your child’s baby teeth is not a waste of time and money – but does in fact have a huge impact on the health of un-erupted adult teeth, the formation of speech and the development of healthy chewing and biting mechanics.  Without a healthy primary dentition a child’s adult teeth can be compromised and their overall physical health may be affected due to nutritional deficiencies caused by ineffective chewing and/or avoidance of certain foods.  Though the Tooth Fairy pays young children a visit to reward them for the loss of a baby tooth – the reality is that the premature loss of primary teeth can have negative consequences that even the Tooth Fairy is unable to fix.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam are Calgary Dentists who are passionate about helping parents and children have healthy smiles for a life time.  Their NW Calgary Dental practice focuses on creating an environment that instills the importance of preventative dental careincluding the care of young children and infants’ smiles.  A child’s first set of teeth serves as a guide for the correct eruption of adult teeth – holding space for permanent teeth to emerge when the time is right.  Losing a baby tooth too early can negatively impact the development and eruption phase of the adult tooth – causing a tooth to erupt prematurely or to erupt out of alignment.  Monitoring the health and exfoliation (loss of) primary teeth is recommended as baby teeth that don’t exfoliate on schedule can impede the eruption of an adult tooth.

Dentists at Metro Dental explain that bringing your child to a dentist as soon as baby teeth start to erupt, or around the age of one, is a good way to monitor the health of a child’s first set of teeth while establishing a healthy relationship with your dental team.  No one wants to think of a young child having dental decay or needing treatment; but the reality is even little children aren’t exempt from dental problems and seeing a dentist regularly is recommended.

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