Teeth Whitening – A Fast and Economical Option for Improving Your Smile

NW and NE Calgary Dentists at Metro Dental in the community of Harvest Hills are often asked by patients how to improve the look of a smile without major dental treatment.  Many patients mention that their smile is not reflective of how great they feel – and that a dull smile actually is a drain on someone’s self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam are General Dentists in Calgary who have the perfect solution for patients who are feeling dragged down by a smile that looks old and worn – and it doesn’t involve spending more than sixty minutes in the dental chair.  Tooth Whitening – a fast, safe, and affordable method of brightening a smile without the need of extensive dental treatment or hefty bills.  Invented by the Egyptians in 2000 BC – tooth whitening agents have been in high demand throughout the history of civilization – and are still one of the most requested dental services today.  Gaining main-stream popularity in the mid ‘90’s – Tooth Whitening Systems have evolved from one-size-fits-all online purchases to sophisticated protocols that can take on the most stubborn stains and lighten them in minimal time.

Teeth naturally darken as we age due to the thinning of dental enamel and the resulting visibility of the underlying dentin – which is a darker and less translucent tissue.  Other causes of teeth darkening can be due to certain medications, the natural result of root canal therapy, and lifestyle choices such as smoking.  Medications (especially Tetracycline), tobacco, coffee, tea, and red wine are considered Chromogenic agents as they alter the color of teeth.  Staying away from substances that darken or stain our teeth isn’t always realistic – as many of them provide enjoyment and health benefits – but acknowledging that the enjoyment of certain foods may necessitate some time spent on correcting their darkening effects, means your smile doesn’t have to suffer as a result of your morning java.

Today’s Teeth Whitening Systems are comfortable, safe, and an economical way of transforming your smile quickly.  Whether it’s a Home Whitening Kit or an In-office system – whitening your teeth has never been this easy or effective.  For more information on Whitening Your Teeth in Calgary – contact Metro Dental today 403.262.2627

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