Orthodontic Treatment is a method of straightening or moving teeth to improve the appearance of an individual’s smile and to enhance and correct bite functionNot only does Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary create beautiful smiles – it also addresses many long-term dental health issuesby balancing the relationship between top and bottom arch.

NW Calgary Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills are knowledgeable and skilled in diagnosing dysfunctional or ‘bad bites’ and provide Teeth Straightening Options that correct crooked and misaligned teeth – while enhancing smile esthetics and eliminating dental issues like jaw joint discomfort, inability to chew food adequately, and difficulty in keeping crooked teeth and gums clean and plaque free.  Orthodontic Treatment goes far beyond improving the look of teeth, and does in fact enrich a patient’s oral and systemic health.

Dr. Verena Lam and Dr. Jeff Chen are General Dentists in NW Calgary who recognize the need to help patients have the smile they’ve always wanted while correcting tooth concerns that impact a patient’s oral health.  Using trusted and proven technology like Invisalign, and Traditional Braces and Brackets for patients who require more extensive treatment, these NW Calgary Dentists work hard to create a treatment plan that makes a patient smile – and keeps them smiling for years to come.

Orthodontic Treatment has evolved considerably over the past decade – with technological advancements that make straightening teeth a comfortable, effective, and barely visible process.  Technology like Invisalign has enabled patients to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing and to continue enjoying daily activities due to Invisalign being removable.  The biggest advantage of using Invisalign’s Clear Removable Retainers is that mealtimes remain a fun, stress-free time, as you simply remove the retainer and eat all your favorite foods without worrying about breaking a bracket or orthodontic wireInvisalign’s treatment is based on a patient wearing the retainers for approximately twenty-two hours a day – so you’re not even cheating when your retainer is out of your mouth!

Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary has never been more convenient, efficient, and fun!  If you have been considering straightening your teeth and would like more information regarding orthodontic options – contact Metro Dental today – welcoming new patients 403.262.2627